Speech and Language Therapy Clinic

Speech and Language Therapists work through Sure Start to promote children’s communication skills by providing support to families & other professionals in their own community.


A speech & language therapist can visit your child at home or in the 2 Year Old Programme to assess their speech, language & communication skills.


Leaflets are available on what you can expect for your child’s age & activities to help encourage speech & language development.


Referral to the community Speech & Language Therapy team in local health centres. Encouragement & support for families using this service, especially those who have difficulty accessing what is available.


We offer services additional to community speech & language therapists who work in health centres. For example we can run groups in different settings and with other professionals.

Training Training will be available to parents on developing their child’s communication through Sure Start groups and programmes. We provide information through the 2 Year Old Programme, the baby café, groups run by other professionals and groups especially for Speech and Language development such as ‘Elklan’.


Activity: SLT Clinic
Location: Splash Training Room
Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm
Start Date: Tuesday 11th February 2020

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