Journey Junction

4 week playime

‘Journey Junction’ or ‘Wheels at Work’ – 4-week playtime

Rev up the excitement with our 4-Week Playtime themed around vehicles! Buckle up an adventure where little ones will explore the thrilling world of cars, trucks, planes, and more.

Each week promises a unique journey filled with creative activities, engaging games, and hands-on learning experiences centred around our favourite modes of transport. From constructing mini racetracks to crafting paper airplanes, every session is an opportunity for your child to rev their imagination into high gear.

Don’t miss out on this incredible playtime journey! Secure your child’s spot for this four-week programme of vehicle-themed fun, laughter, and discovery.

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Activity: Journey Junction
Location: Legahory Playroom
Time: 10am-11am

11:30am-12:30pm (Quiet Session)

Start Date: Thursday 11th April- 2nd May

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