Dads, Grandads and Kids Swimming 0-4yrs

Calling all Dads and Grandads! Are you ready for an unforgettable aquatic adventure with your little ones? Join us for a special Swim for Splash SureStart event designed just for you and your kids aged 0-4 years!


What to Expect:
  1. Quality Bonding Time: Create cherished memories as you and your child splash, play, and swim together in a safe and supportive environment.
  2. Guidance: We will be on hand to offer tips and ensure everyone has a fantastic time. No need to worry if you’re not a confident swimmer – we’re here to help!
  3. Water Play Fun: Watch your little ones giggle with delight as they explore the water, practice simple swimming skills, and enjoy interactive water games.
  4. Social Connection: Connect with other dads and grandads in the community, share parenting experiences, and forge new friendships.
  5. Healthy Lifestyle: Encourage a love for physical activity from an early age, promoting health and fitness for your child’s future.
  6. Safe Environment: South Lakes Leisure Centre maintains the highest safety standards, ensuring a worry-free experience for you and your precious little swimmers.
  7. Special Surprises: Stay tuned for some exciting surprises and giveaways to make your day even more memorable!
Booking Required


Activity: Dads and Grandads Swim. 0-4yrs
Location: South Lakes Leisure Centre
Time: 12.30pm- 1.30pm
Start Date: Monday 8th & 15th April

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