Baby Cafe

Baby Cafe is an opportunity to meet other parents with babies aged 0 to 1 year for a chat and a cup of tea. No need to book. We have the room set up with toys for your baby to play with. Each week we look at a different topic e.g. spoon feeding, black and white play and looking after yourself. Then we finish with songs and rhymes for you and your baby to enjoy.

Parents can also meet the Splash SureStart staff team and avail of their support of including:

>  Health Visitor

>  Midwife

>  Early Years Team

>  Family Support Worker


Baby Cafe will move into Summer Programme on 24 & 25 July and 14&15 August.


Activity: Baby Cafe
Location: Splash Training Room
Time: 10.30am-12.00pm
Start Date: Tuesday 8 January to 26 March
Activity: Baby Cafe
Location: The Links, Lurgan
Time: 10.30am-12.00pm
Start Date: Wednesday 9 January to 27 March

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